Welcome To Abdullah Alothaim foods Co.

Our Story

Abdullah Al Othaim Food Company  was established in 2007 with three stores in Riyadh.  Currently twenty nine stores around the Kingdom, through seven brands; Kabablky, Chester’s, Roti Mum, Oliver Brown, Moka & More, Dallah, Just Orange.

The Al Othaim Group is embracing a new vision and strategy that synergizes with the country’s 2030 vision. Maximizing economic growth, promoting sociocultural development and creating an interesting variety of affordable food products. We strive “To be the leader in the F & B business in Saudi. As an operator of affordable, healthy and  profitable food products bringing value to our customers”.  We operate at the highest standards to create a memorable experience.

" If you're not the one cooking, stay out of the way and compliment the chef. "




Salahuddin Road, Malaz , Riyadh , KSA
Abdul Aziz Al Sagheer Company Building ,the fifth floor

Opening hours

Sun-Thu : 8:Am - 5PM